PJM Accountancy // Testimonials


Excellent Accountancy


Treyone Woodcraft Limited:


‘Always very accurate, clearly presented and gratifyingly punctual, Peter keeps us well disciplined in providing him with information when required and ensures we don’t miss deadlines. We meet Peter every quarter for a full day’s consultation which includes a review of the quarter’s trading, a checking of the accounts processing for the quarter and a meeting to discuss general business matters. We regard Peter as a key member of our strategic planning team and involve him in all the important decisions. He offers us excellent business advice presented in a calm, factual manner, carefully thought out and clearly and concisely articulated. I would like to stress the importance of this last contribution as Peter forces us to take a step back from the turmoil of day-to-day business and focus on what we wish to achieve. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter to any prospective client who needs a full Accountancy service and a pro-active business advisor, all rolled in to one.’


- Robin Doyle, Director


Telebizz Limited:


‘TeleBIZZ has worked with Peter McAughey since 1999. For us, it is very important to work with a meaningful set of management accounts that are prepared quickly and accurately at the same time every month, in order to

react quickly to any changes in trends and be able to adapt accordingly. Having such a timely and organised accounts function within our business has really contributed to our continued growth over the last few years. Peter always plays a valuable part when all of our strategic decisions are being made.’


- Gillie Scherr, Director